R. Allan Sharkey

Virtual Odyssey

Are you a reader who enjoys a fast-paced science fiction/fantasy novel that transports you to a whole new world as you read each page?

Do you feel like you are constantly looking for new novels to read, but you want something fresh and unique that is going to allow you to experience an engaging and gritty dark fantasy adventure? 

Virtual Odyssey bridges the gap between the Gen-X and Millennial generations. It melds modern topics and subjects with multi-faceted characters to create a exciting adventure that transports you into the fantasy realm of Virtual Odyssey. You will find yourself unable to put the book down, as you follow the characters through their adventures in the world where anything is possible.


 Virtual Odyssey: Ghost In The Machine is the first in a new series of science fiction adventure novels. Follow the characters through each world of legends, as they experience a roller coaster of emotions, and surprising and shocking plot twists and turns.  Book Two, Race Against Time is slated for release in April 2018. 




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